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Future Fields / Core Facilities

The FIT is organized into three research areas and three core facilities.

Adaptive and Active Polymer Materials
Development of interactive and intelligent functional materials, foils and surfaces, and material-integrated (micro)systems
Biomimetic, Biobased and Bioactive Materials Systems
Bioinspired and biomimetic construction of materials systems. Development of new active hybrids by integration of synthetic and biological components. Bioactive functionalization of materials and (micro)systems...
(Micro)Systems for Energy Conversion, Storage and Energy-autonomy
Development of materials and (micro)systems for energy conversion and storage as well as development of energy autonomous embedded (micro)systems using bioinspired approaches.
New Materials: Societal Challenges
The development of new materials raises societal challenges in the fields of psychology, philosophy and sustainability.
Core Facility "Imaging of Materials Systems"
Specialised laboratory for microscopy and tomography, establishment of a competence network 3D visualisation
Core Facility "Functional Processing"
Manufacturing technique for bioinspired materials with focus on nanolithography, film technology, and generative processes
Core Facility "Modelling and Simulation of Materials Systems"
Concept development, modelling and simulation of interactive materials
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