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Technical Equipment

The equipment infrastructure in the FIT can only be used for non-profit projects in accordance with the statutory objectives of the FIT.


Equipment overview of Core Facility 1

  • TEM 200 kV
  • TEM 200 kV Cryo
  • TEM 120 kV
  • TEM 120 kV Cryo
  • FIB SEM (w/o FIB)
  • FIB SEM (w/ FIB)
  • FLIM Confocal LSM
  • micro CT
  • AFMs

Contact persons of CF 1: Prof. Dr. Anna Fischer or  Dr. Yi Thomann


Equipment overview of Core Facility 2

  • Electrophoretic deposition (EPD): Permatecs EPD system and cryomill system
  • Roll-embossing and lamination: Stork roll laminator HRL 350 Jumbo
  • Microscope: Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V12
  • Screen printing: Thieme screen printer LAB 1000
  • Aerosol jet printing: Neotech AMT AJ 15XA aerosol jet print system
  • Thin film deposition and surface modification: Plasma Electronic Porta 400
  • Nano- & micro structure replication: Jenoptik Hex04 embossing machine

Contact persons of CF 2: Prof. Dr. Claas Mülleror Dr. Jing Becker


Equipment overview  of Core Facility 3

  •  Modellierungs-Workstation

Contact persons of CF 3: Prof. Dr. Michael Moseleror PD Dr. Michael Walter



Fee regulation

Please contact the scientific heads directly regarding further questions on costs and registration procedures.


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