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TP 8: Bioelectroactive Interfaces for dynamic interaction with biology

Principal Investigator: Maria Asplund


The ideal biomaterial was for long time seen as an inert surface, meaning a material not reacting and also not triggering any reaction on the biological side. Over the last decade this view has changed, and it becomes clear that we also need interactive biomaterials to solve important biomedical challenges. One example is within regenerative medicine where there is an interest in promoting the inherent healing processes of the body, and intervening with less desirable biological reactivity. This could for instance be accomplished by offering artificially generated electrical and biological gradients mimicking and supporting the endogenous signalling processes active within regeneration.

In this project we develop a concept for simultaneously delivering biochemical and electrical guidance cues from the very same structure or material for a highly localized effect. We engineer multi-functional, stimulus responsive, programmable and conducting polymer based systems. While electrical stimulation is controlled by an external signal source, the drug delivery function of our materials should ideally be autonomous, act in response to biological changes or be engineered to offer timed release of multiple substances in a predefined sequence. These bioelectroactive materials will find applications within implant tissue interaction, nerve guidance, epithelial wound healing and more.


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