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TP 2: Multiparameter / Multimaterial 4D Printing

Principal Investigator: Bastian E. Rapp


The aim of this project is the development of a robust manufacturing strategy which allows physical structuring in conjuncture with material programming. In order to leverage the full potential of 4D printing, high-resolution additive manufacturing methods based on stereolithography (STL) will be developed which allow multi-parameter as well as multi-material component structuring. This will open up the potential for both, combining materials with inherently different physicochemical properties as well as functional programming based on intrinsic locally-confined modifications of the material composition and/or property landscape.

For doing so, the development of an STL-based manufacturing methodology making use of structuring at different wavelengths will be developed which, combined with orthogonal polymerization and/or crosslinking strategies, will significantly open up the 4D printing design space.


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