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TP 10: Digitized dynamic illumination

Principal Investigators: Hans Zappe

Virtually all tunable optical systems are used for imaging: manipulation of a light field onto a detector or imager. Yet recent advances in tunable micro-optical components and modules can be used for the reverse: generation of dynamically reconfigurable illumination fields. This project will explore the possibilities of using soft-matter and liquid optics to realize digitized dynamic illumination.

The goal of this research is to demonstrate the utility of light sources in which not only optical power and spectrum, but also the two-dimensional intensity variation, beam direction and far-field intensity distribution can be dynamically tuned. Using digital input to control tunable micro-optical components, ultra-compact standalone reconfigurable illumination systems in which numerous aspects of the light field are manipulated will be conceived. The technological basis will be optofluidic devices tunable using electric fields or pressure.


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