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02.12.2019 / News


Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration

The members of the Cluster of Excellence Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous materials systems (livMatS) met for the first scientific retreat from November 13th to 15th 2019. More than 65 researchers from the fields of energy research, biomimetics, polymer sciences, sustainability research, psychology and philosophy came together to discuss their research and different possibilities of cooperation.

18.11.2019 / News

4.5 million euros for programmable materials

The Carl Zeiss Foundation has selected the research cluster “Interactive and Programmable Materials” (IPROM) of the University of Freiburg’s for its “Breakthroughs 2019” program line.The cluster broadens the research at the “Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems” (livMatS) Cluster of Excellence.

08.11.2019 / News

Call for Papers

The University of Freiburg and the Cluster of Excellence livMatS will host the 9th edition of the international Living Machines conference on biomimetic and biohybrid systems in Freiburg from 28th to 31st July 2020. Researchers can submit their papers until 23rd March 2020.

22.10.2019 / News

New Paper published

livMatS PI Prof. Dr. Henning Jessen addresses recent developments and perspectives in the synthesis of Cyclotriphosphate in the journal Chemistry.

14.10.2019 / Press


Learning from the Flexibility and Adaptivity of Nature

The DFG magazine is currently running an article on the cluster's research (Only in German).

10.10.2019 / News


Nature as a role model

livMatS will be contributing to the exhibition “Baubionik – Biologie beflügelt Achitektur” at the WaldHaus Freiburg. From October 10th 2019 to March 22nd 2020, the exhibition highlights examples and visions from architecture, engineering and natural sciences.

18.09.2019 / News

New Paper published

livMatS PI Prof. Dr. Henning Jessen and livMatS doctoral researcher Alexander Ripp have published a new paper on the synthesis of modified Nucleoside Oligophosphates.

12.08.2019 / Press

The artificial trap

The University of Freiburg's online magazine is running an article on livMatS-Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck and his research in the Cluster.

09.08.2019 / News


Materials of a New Era

In their theory on a new era called Anthropocene, chemist Paul J. Crutzen and biologist Eugene Stoermer described an intertwining between natural and man-made realm with complex interdependencies between both. But what does this intertwining exactly look like, and what does it mean for the work of the Cluster of Excellence “Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous materials systems (livMatS)”? International guests of various disciplines as well as researchers of the cluster tackled those questions in the two-day workshop “livMatS as part of and Reaction to the Anthropocene”.

08.08.2019 / Press


Chinese Witch Hazel Takes a Ballistic Approach to Reproduction

The New York Times and ZEIT ONLINE are reporting on new findings of livMatS-Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck on the chinese witch hazel and its seeds.

01.08.2019 / News

Exchange Beyond Disciplinary Borders

How can one’s own research be explained in three minutes? Junior researchers of livMatS tried this in the first Boot Camp of the graduate program.

31.07.2019 / Press


Vorbild Kletterpflanze

The Berliner Zeitung is running an article on GrowBot, a project of livMatS-Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck.

24.07.2019 / Press

Combining Forces for Materials Research

The University of Freiburg and the USA’s Pennsylvania State University will in future be cooperating on research into functional, interactive and bioinspired materials. Rector Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer and Prof. Dr. Eric J. Barron, President of Pennsylvania State University, have concluded a partnership agreement, and with it given the go-ahead for the Convergence Center for Living Multifunctional Material Systems.

16.07.2019 / News

Greek Delegation Visited FIT

A delegation from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with its president Prof. Dr. Pericles A. Mitkas and vice rector Prof. Dr. Gunther Neuhaus visited the Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies (FIT) on July 10th 2019.

22.06.2019 / News

Workshop Generation GrowBots

livMatS Co-Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck will be presenting at the workshop Generation GrowBots: materials, mechanisms and systems design for adaptable and growing robots inspired by plants organized as part of the conference Robotics: Science and Systems 2019 hosted in Freiburg.

10.05.2019 / News

Perfect Marks for Freiburg

Psychology and Microsystems Engineering at the University of Freiburg, two of the fields collaborating in livMatS, have achieved excellent results in the current ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE-Ranking).

07.04.2019 / News Our Vice-Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck will be presenting on the topic of Schlauchbote, die sich selbst reparieren (Rubber boats that repair themselves) within ETH Zurich's event series Das perfekte Material.
05.04.2019 / News

Man and Nature

livMatS PI Prof. Dr. Lore Hühn and livMatS postdoc Dr. Philipp Höfele are presenting  at the seminar Man and Nature / German Idealism in the Age of the Anthropocene, organized by the German Idealism Research Unit at Aarhus University.

25.03.2019 / Press

Traffic Control of Cells

University of Freiburg Press Release reporting on the findings of the first joint project between the Clusters of Excellence CIBSS and livMatS at the University of Freiburg. livMatS PI Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther is a co-author of the paper.

15.03.2019 / Press
The Badische Zeitung is running an article on central research topics in livMatS.
04.02.2019 / News Our PI Prof. Dr. Andrea Kiesel has been elected President Elect of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP).
22.11.2018 / Press
livMatS is featured in the German newspaper ZEIT's Forschungskosmos.
22.11.2018 / Press
livMatS is featured in the German Center for Research and Innovation New York's November Newsletter on Alternative Energy.
19.10.2018 / Press
Interview with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe, livMatS Spokesperson (fudder.de)
27.09.2018 / Press
Press Release, University of Freiburg
27.09.2018 / Press
Students' voices after the positive funding decision for livMatS (fudder.de)


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