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Doctoral and Postdoctoral Positions 2019

Applications for doctoral and postdoctoral positions are closed as of now. New positions will be posted soon!

Inorganic and Organic SolStore


Abscission and self-repair in biological and artificial materials systems


Interfaces, charge-transfer and non-adiabatic processes and their exploitation in a frequency-tunable tribogenerator

Dissipative systems engineering: Chemically fueled active molecular systems


Logic self-reporting mechano-adaptive metamaterials


Thermo BatS - Thermoelectric Battery Systems

Doctoral Position in the area of thermoelectric generators (Prof. Dr. Peter Woias) ►


livMatS Demonstrators

Postdoctoral position as project coordinator and laboratory manager for livMatS demonstrators (Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck) ►


Predicting attitudes and behavior concerning living materials: Develop software and analyses methods to apply cognitive affective maps

Doctoral position in the area of psychology (Prof. Dr. Andrea Kiesel)


Collection and evaluation of basal attributes of living materials systems



Autonomous light-actuated LCE actuators

Development of a TAPASS (Tiered Approach for Prospective Assessment of Benefits and Challenges) and first applications


livMatS as part of and reaction to the Anthropocene: Sustainability assessement and investigation of psychological and philosophical implications of living materials systems


Training and self-healing by interface snapping mechanisms




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