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Outreach: Learning from nature ... in nature

fig. 4-2 botanic garden.jpeg
An important component of the cluster’s interactions with the general public will be a series of events offered within livMatS’ communication concept “Learning from nature ... in nature” The University of Freiburg Botanic Garden is an integral part of livMatS and thus ideally suited to demonstrate similarities and differences between biological and technical materials and illustrate concepts in both the biological and the technical realms. The field of biomimetics is an ideal entry point for discussing the relationship between material properties, material structures and materials systems with the general public who generally have a strong interest in “how nature works”, as it directly relates to their daily experience. Most visitors, for example, are interested in how the Venus flytrap functions, why nuts are so very hard, or why pine cones open and close in response to humidity
The University of Freiburg will construct a Biomimetic Pavilion in the Botanic Garden designed to host some of livMatS’ outreach activities. The architecture of the pavilion draws inspiration from nature and symbolizes by its very appearance some of the concepts of livMatS, showcasing its outreach activities.


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