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livMatS as part of and reaction to the Anthropocene

Postdoctoral position in the Area of Philosophy

The philosophical-ethical project intends to provide a conceptual framework and evaluation system for livMatS (in cooperation with sustainability assessment and psychology). This endavor will built on an investigation of the history of the basic conceptual content of livMatS within the natural-philosophical discourse around 1800. Furthermore, the project will investigate in what way livMatS can be connected to the current multidisciplinary discussion about the “Anthropocene”.

We expect the candidate to have international degrees (master and PhD), to be multilingual (if possible German, English and French) and to have experience in international and interdisciplinary cooperation. The candidate’s research and teaching experience focuses on classical German philosophy, especially on the field of the philosophy of nature. Experience in the organization of conferences and in science management in the context of ethics is desirable.

Applications are closed as of December 14th 2018.

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