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One of the core principles in the design of technical objects is the static nature of the materials: They have more or less unchangeable properties. In nature, on the other hand, the (bio-)materials used by living systems are geared towards enabling the best possible adaptation to the respective environmental conditions in order to be best react to changes in the surrounding. The aim of the Research Cluster "Interactive and Programmable Materials (IPROM)" funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation is the development of innovative technical materials that respond to changing environmental conditions with a response, which is preprogrammed into the material and thus triggers a material adaptation to changes in the surrounding and the load conditions. In order to do so, they have to be able to change their internal structure and/or their external shape as a consequence of an external stimulus, e.g. by adapting the adhesion, wettability or mechanical properties of the materials. This concept opens up new opportunities for the production of complex objects in many areas such as optics, medical technology or architecture.

“The IPROM cluster will bring forth a paradigm shift in materials research from static to dynamic materials. The novel materials generated will dynamically adapt their properties to the constantly changing conditions of their environment in a previously programmed manner.”
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