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Technology Platform 2

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Ridge-type Bragg grating waveguide structures on COC foil for sensor application (Bragg grating period: 205 nm, waveguide: 2 µm in width and 2.4 µm in height) © TP 2

Manufacturing technique for bioinspired materials with focus on nanolithography, polymer foil technology, and additive manufacturing

  • In order to support the research projects running in FIT, a powerful technology platform for functional design and efficient manufacturing of (micro-)systems and adaptive bioinspired materials will be established.
  • TP 2 concentrates particularly on the fabrication of nano- and micro-structures by electron-beam-lithography, UV-NIL (UV-nanoimprint-lithography), as well as HE-NIL (hot-embossing-nanoimprint-lithography) technologies. Besides of that, different kinds of additive manufacturing technologies will be further developed for special applications on polymer foils.


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