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Core Facility "Imaging of Materials Systems"

 µct edgeworthia mit geometrie.png

µCT Scan: ramification of Edgeworthia chrysantha - 3D reconstruction and cross-sections in transaxial plane (SFB-CRC 141 project A06) ©  Plant Biomechanics Group Freiburg


Specialised laboratory for microscopy and tomography, establishment of a competence network 3D visualisation

  • In the framework of basic research on adaptive and bioinspired technologies and analyses of functional principles found in biological systems as role models for new technologicall developments the 3D visualiation of complex functional and adaptive (micro)systems in living nature and technology is one of the key challenges.
  • On basis of existing and additionally procured equipment a specialised laboratory for microscopy and tomography of natural and technical materials associated with the network of competence for 3D visualisaton can be established.
  • Scientific heads: Prof. Dr. Anna Fischer and Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther
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