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Adaptive Polymer Materials

self-reparing foam coating © plant biomechanics freiburg

Biomimetic self-repairing foam coating inspired by the self-sealing mechanism of Dutchman's Pipe Aristolochia macrophylla  (above membrane, below PU foam) 
©  Plant Biomechanics Group Freiburg


Development of interactive functional materials and smart surfaces as well as embedded (micro-)systems and functional films for adaptive plastics

Current topics:

  • Biomimetics
  • Self-regulating reinforcement 
  • Active mechanical and noise dampening 
  • Smart rubbers
  • Smart medical tapes and functional flms 
  • Adaptive adhesion (“bonding and debonding on command”, “bonding without adhesives”)
  • Switchable permeability and color (“color without organic dyes”)
  • Controlled wetting and dewetting, adaptive lubrication and smart tribology
  • Materials sensing and actuation
  • Self-repairing plastics
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