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The folding mechanism in the flower of  Strelitzia reginae (Bird of paradise flower)
©  S. Schleicher (ITKE Stuttgart ) and S. Poppinga (PBG Freiburg)


Functional principles found in nature – Study, understand, adapt, combine, implement, use

This is how you could describe the scientific concept at the Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technology:

The research at the newly built center is characterized by the interplay of individual material design, innovative method- and concept development and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. This approach allows our scientists to integrate tailor-made materials into practical applications.

Materials that make our everyday life easier

With this concept FIT opens up completely new dimensions for intelligent materials (smart materials) and systems that assist us in everyday life and contribute to our quality of life, safety and health. At the same time, a high resources and energy efficiency in researching new materials is of primary importance. Therefore scientists from six different faculties, especially in the fields of materials science, engineering and biology, work together at FIT in interdisciplinary projects.

Smart materials that recognize and respond

Through FIT-innovations the researchers want to furnish previously passive materials with properties that are characteristic of living organisms: these properties include recognition, reaction and interaction abilities, communication and learning aptitude, as well as self-regulation, self-healing and energy autarchy. Moreover, they want to develop processes that greatly simplify the production of highly integrated bioinspired composite materials and systems.

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